The Many Uses of an Old T-Shirt!

It’s always exciting to hear about the new ways in which different projects and organizations are working toward reducing waste and doing good for the environment.

Project Repat is on a mission to reduce the amount of clothing waste going into our landfills in a very unique way. The organization is partnering with individuals, brands and universities to “upcycle” old t-shirts into unique, fashionable and functional blankets and accessories, like this upcycled t-shirt blanket.

t shirt blanket

According to Project Repat, 5% of all material waste on earth is used textiles. They strive to keep those old t-shirts out of landfills by repurposing them into accessories that will be worn and loved.

How it works: With Project Repat, you send in your old t-shirts and 2-4 weeks later your shirts are returned to you repurposed as a one-of-a-kind great new accessory. You can have your shirts turned into a reversible bag, circle scarf, tie or blanket.

circle scarf

Many people have a closet or dresser drawer full of old t-shirts that they just can’t seem to part with. This is a great way to turn those t-shirts into a wearable work of art.

Project Repat blankets are made at NuPath, a non-profit organization that creates employment organizations for individuals with disabilities.

For more information on Project Repat and to learn more about how you can upcycle your old t-shirt collection visit

t shirt bags

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