Extron’s Partnership with The Green Schoolhouse Series Brings Integrated AV to Classrooms

Extron Electronics is a company committed to the integration of the latest AV technologies into today’s learning environment. As the leading manufacturer of audio and video solutions for the K-12 market, they have worked to simplify the control, installation and set-up of classroom AV systems.Extron’s innovations work to enhance the learning environment. Their three primary classroom AV solutions, the PoleVault®, WallVault®, and VoiceLift® Systems, have become staples in the field of classroom technology.

A classroom outfitted with Extron technologies.

As part of their commitment to education, Extron offers a Classroom Technology Grant Program. The program allows districts to demonstrate the benefits of advanced audio video solutions, free of charge. To date, Extron has granted more than $5.5 million worth of equipment to over 900 classrooms in U.S. school districts.

A Partner in The Green Schoolhouse Series, Extron will provide systems to classrooms within two LEED-Platinum designed Green Schoolhouses slated for construction in Phoenix, Arizona.

Extron’s VoiceLift® System works to evenly distribute the instructor’s voice and enhance student participation.

The individual classrooms of the Green Schoolhouses will be outfitted with their award-winning PoleVault® or WallVault® systems for all AV connectivity, transmission, switching, amplification, and control. The easy-to-use MediaLink® controller will help simplify system operation, allowing teachers to focus on instruction.  Extron’s VoiceLift® Microphone will also be featured in the classrooms to evenly distribute the teacher’s voice throughout the room. Studies show that these systems result in increased student achievement and a reduction in teacher health issues related to voice fatigue.

In terms of sustainability, each Extron AV system offers power saving modes designed to lower energy usage and reduces operating costs. Extron will provide administrators of the Green Schoolhouses with GlobalViewer® Enterprise, a network-based resource management software that enables district-wide scheduling and monitoring to further enhance the classroom’s energy efficiency. The Extron classroom website has more information on their product capabilities and efficiency.

Extron’s commitment to education is not only present in the types of systems they produce, but the generosity they show in making sure that all students have access to technology in the classroom.

To find out more about Extron Electronics, you can visit their website or follow them on Twitter.

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