Eco-friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas

Make a statement this Valentine’s Day by swapping out your traditional store bought gift for unique (and eco-friendly) alternatives. Here are a few ideas for some fun DIY projects that will have your friends, family and sweetheart feeling extra appreciated.

  • A recycled “love” themed memory game is a fun way to show you care about your loved ones and the planet. This project requires old scrap paper and recycled cardboard boxes (like old cereal boxes). It’s simple to make and fun to play! Check out the step-by-step directions here.  
  • Instead of real flowers, why not give your special someone a bouquet of handmade scrap fabric flowers? This idea is great for those who sew, but don’t be intimidated – a few old torn shirts or pillow cases and some glue will work just fine. You can find the directions to this DIY project here.
  • Magazine pop-out cards are the best! And who doesn’t have extra magazines lying around? These cards are unique, eye-catching and much easier to make than you’d think. If you don’t believe it, check out this simple instructional video.

For more DIY projects, go to:

Crafting a Green World: They have great ideas on how to “upcycle” everyday items into fun creations.

Green Living Ideas: This site has a ton of craft projects you can do with your kids.

The Long Thread: This site specializes in handmade tutorials. They will be posting a new Valentine’s Day craft tutorial each week until February 14!


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4 responses to “Eco-friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas

  1. These are very good ideas. Also, since they will be handmade, they will mean even more to the recepient than something store bought.

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