DIY – Make your own cleaning products

While traditional cleaners may get the job done, such chemicals can be detrimental to the environment and your health. Instead, try making your own green cleaning products with these basic household items:

Baking Soda and Water:
Uses: porcelain tiles, kitchen counters, oven tops, stainless steel sinks, refrigerators, cutting boards and plastic storage containers.

Simply sprinkle the dirty surface with baking soda and scrub with a sponge.  For particularly tough stains, create a paste and let sit for a while before scrubbing.  Need a little more abrasion? Add a little kosher salt to the mixture to really cut the grime.

Lemon Juice or Vinegar:
Uses: stain removal, grease streaks or mold/fungus.

The acidic qualities in both products make them natural degreasers.  Lemon juice is a natural bleach when used in the sun, so be careful! Vinegar is also a great fabric softener when a little is added during the rinse cycle. When combined with baking soda, it makes an excellent toilet cleanser.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Uses: disinfectant and stain remover.

In addition to cleaning scrapes and wounds, hydrogen peroxide has a long standing reputation for being able to remove tough stains (such as grass or blood).

Tea Tree Oiltea tree oil
Uses: disinfectant.
Combine two cups or liquid soap and 20-30 drops or tea tree oil to make an excellent disinfectant that is non-harmful to the environment.  It smells great too!

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