Taking the Water Out of Showering

waterless bathInspired by a friend who was “too-lazy” to take a shower, 22-year old South African university student Ludwick Marishane has invented a revolutionary new product suggested to be the end of hygiene problems within developing countries.

After only a few short months of research on the Internet, the University of Cape Town student has developed DryBath, a clear gel that can be applied to skin to clean without the use of soap or water. The new product contains a blend of biocide, bioflavinoids and moisturizers that kill germs and leaves the user smelling fresh.

This product has won Marishane the 2011 Global Student Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and is creating quite a buzz in the international healthcare field due to its widespread applications in Africa and other parts of the developing world.  Because clean water and suitable soap are basic necessities that are hard to come by in these countries, DryBath may change the lives of millions. Marishane hopes to have his product available to these areas to help curb the spread of easily treatable diseases such as trachoma and diarrhea plaguing these areas.

Differing from traditional anti-bacterial hand soap, this product eliminates the heavy alcohol odor and creates an odorless, biodegradable cleansing film that also moisturizes and protects.  It is labeled as non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, non sticky/greasy and long-lasting. Now that it is patented and trademarked, Marishane told Innovation News Daily that he normally charges 50 cents a packet, except to corporate consumers such as airlines, who are charged $1.50 per packet. The product has also attracted attention from charities, which will be able to distribute his product to regions and communities in need.

For more information, visit headboy.org/drybath.

waterless bath

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