‘No Marketing Rights’ for Olympic Design and Construction Firms

There have been smiles, cheers and celebration a plenty at the summer games taking place in London right now, but one group that is not happy are the architects, contractors and engineers who transformed London into an Olympic Showcase. As millions of spectators convene in London and millions more watch on television, most will never know those behind the work that went into the design and construction of the various building around the historic city.

The internet is a buzz with articles and commentary on the marketing agreement that bans the building and design industry from promoting their work on the historic buildings.

Under the agreement, the industry is banned from publicizing their work on the various Olympic building across London until next year. Excluded from the ban are the designers of Olympic Stadium and Olympic Park, who are not considered third tier sponsors. The clause, which is called the ‘No Marketing Rights Protocol,’  leave many feeling that the restrictions only hurt small firms and individuals whose work is seen by millions. The agreement, which affects almost 40 architects, even includes a ban on award submittals for the work on Olympic buildings.

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) gathered on August 3 in order to drum up support of their cause and to ask officials to lift the ban.

“Now is the time to stand up for our architects,” said RIBA president Angela Brady. “I really thought they were going to lift the barring of architects and engineers the day they opened the games. The eyes of the world are on London right now and what are we doing to show off?”

Brady and fellow architects wore shirts listing all the firms banned from promotion and even posted that same list on a big sign in front of RIBA headquarters.

“Architects and engineers have delivered incredible buildings which are hosting the London 2012 Games right now,” explained Brady. “Let’s shout about the great design and engineering talent that the UK has to offer and not miss this valuable opportunity to do so.”

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  1. ET

    After reading part of the protocol to understand their reasoning (because I didn’t, at all), I guess I realize that the ban is to not allow “freeloaders” profit off of the games where other companies – the official sponsors – pay big money to have the “right” to marketing benefits. I realize that the AEC firms are being paid to do this work, but after all the time and commitment they put towards completing this project, wouldn’t you think that alone would give them the “right” to promote their accomplishments on their own dime? This “balance” that they tried to find doesn’t seem to work as well as it could.