WorldHaus Provides Home Kits to the Developing World

You may have read our past post on prefab homes, but these modular kit houses are so unique that they deserve a post all their own.

Introducing WorldHaus – a company that manufactures custom designed, weatherproof home kits for families in the developing world at an affordable price.

These aren’t your typical prefabricated modular homes – these are home kits that employ a modular building system allowing families to build their home from the kit materials – compressed earth-bricks, steel roof panels and concrete – to any size and configuration they desire.

These home kits also allow for a number of optional amenities that include clean burning stoves, toilets and solar electricity systems. One-bedroom, 220 square foot base models can be built in just 10 days with a starting cost below $2,000.


A WorldHaus prototype home

The company’s Founders Bill and Daniel Gross have also been working with mortgage providers to make the homes available for monthly installments of $40 – a price even more accessible for rural and semi-urban families in developing areas who make anywhere from $3 to $10 a day.

They have also partnered with state governments, NGOs and landlords to develop rental housing programs and subsidies that could cut the cost to occupants to less than $2 a day.

According to the UN Habitat on substandard housing, more than a billion people worldwide live in substandard housing conditions without access to things like clean water, sanitation and electricity.  WorldHaus is not only helping to alleviate that need, they are helping to build local economies through the use of local construction, a local dealer network and factory supply chains and they are promoting the stand-alone sustainability of homes independent of the constraints of housing projects or utility grids.

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