A New Life for Old Clothes

When we think of recycling, the first images that pop into our heads may be things like old newspapers, plastic water bottles, used paper and empty soda cans.  This is reinforced by an abundance of easily-recognizable recycling bins for this stuff in offices, parks, schools and homes.  Many cities offer curb-side recycling of these items as part of its waste management programs, and in some states there is even a monetary incentive to recycle cans and bottles.

Fortunately, money isn’t the only incentive for doing what we can to make our world greener and healthier, both now and for generations to come.  Many times the true value of our efforts can’t be measured in dollars and cents.  Many times the biggest impact comes from the littlest of actions; actions that we would gladly repeat over and over if we only realized how much of a difference they could make to the environment and to those of us in it.

Clothes4SoulsHelping us to realize how much of a positive impact each one of us can have on the world is a mission of Clothes4Souls.  Clothes4Souls is part of a national non-profit organization dedicated to taking new and gently-used clothing that would normally be thrown out and re-distributing it to those in need, whether it be in poverty-stricken nations worldwide or to those living in crisis situations closer to home. They get with clothing manufacturers, designers, retailers and everyday people who have clothes they don’t need or wear anymore, and put them to good use in more ways than one.  Not only are they diverting TONS of clothing from their usual burial site within our nation’s over-flowing landfills, but they are giving comfort and dignity to those in need with the gift of new, clean clothes that lets them know they are cared about and that they are not forgotten.  When talking about making an impact on the world, that small act of kindness and humanity may have the biggest impact of all.

If you want to know more about Clothes4Souls and how you can help, click here.

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