Learn How to Go Green – Online!

If you want to add your company to the growing list of eco-friendly businesses but don’t know where to start, then online educational programs that teach companies how to “go green” may be the answer.  The following companies are just a few that offer sustainability training via web-based training modules on a variety of topics, all related to eco-friendly practices and procedures:

Now you don’t need to send your employees, company officials or clients to costly off-site training seminars that may or may not cover topics that matter to you and your business.  Want to learn more about energy efficiency and renewable energy resources and how you can incorporate those concepts into your business practices?  Then sign up for training modules that cover those specific topics and save the rest for later.  Or maybe you’re considering switching over to sustainable building supplies and materials, and need to know what’s involved and how to go about it.  Classes like Intro to Sustainability, Sustainable Development and New Technology, and The Future of Sustainable Practices and Initiatives can bring you up to date with a series of short, easy to understand training modules you take at your own pace. 

Online training and education websites can take the guesswork out of green-ing your business by allowing you to customize sustainable training programs to meet your needs, saving you both time AND money.  Many offer various payment and financing options that can fit budgets both big and small.  For businesses that can only afford to get on the green bandwagon a little at a time, being able to pick and choose only the sustainability training they want or need gives everyone a way to do their part without breaking the bank.

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  1. Thanks for sharing information about GEF Institute! We are so excited to be able to offer easy to use, online education all about sustainability! For those individuals or groups interested in earning a professional certificate, we have those too! http://www.gefinstitute.org