Reusing Tires to Solve Some of Today’s Environmental Issues

Tire disposal is no easy task, and it is as difficult a job as it is important.

When tires are no longer fit for use on vehicles, they become one of the most problematic sources of waste. The sheer volume produced (approx. 1 tire per person per year is discarded) and the durability of the hard rubber material (which doesn’t easily break down or decompose) makes them one of the worst products to have end up in our landfills.

Tires not only take up valuable space in landfills, they also trap methane gases which damage landfill liners meant to keep contaminants from polluting ground water.

Needless to say, the disposal of tires is a big problem.

However, the solution to this problem is derived from the reusability of the same durable material that makes tire disposal so difficult.

The resilient rubber from tires can be reused in other products. Rubber bands, swing seats, mulch and tree guards are just a few of the products made or partially made from reused tire material.

One unique tire-derived product is called KBI Flexi®-Pave. The product, provided by Ghilotti Bros., Inc., a general engineering contractor in the San Francisco Bay Area in Partnership with KB Industries, Inc. (KBI), is a porous surfacing material made from tire granules.

KBI Flexi-Pave has a number of uses that make it sustainable and versatile. Playground flooring, tennis courts, jogging trails, sidewalks and roofs can all be made out of this eco-friendly material.

As a porous surfacing material, KBI Flexi-Pave also has a 20 percent void space that houses naturally occurring bacteria. This bacteria works to reduce the amount of harmful surface runoff entering the ecosystem by acting as a kind of filtration system.

According to Ghilotti Bros., Inc., and KB Industries, this product not only tackles the issue of tire disposal, it can passively solve a myriad of today’s environmental, storm water, safety, and erosion control problems.

To learn more about KBI Flexi®-Pave, visit

KBI Flexi-pave

Tree surrounding with KBI Flexi-Pave installed.

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