Mobile Apps for Roofers

Apps come in a variety of manifestations – angry animals, sports betting, novelty sounds, etc. There are hundreds of thousands of them out there – some are even useful business tools! There’s a very good chance that the phone you already use is capable of downloading many of them. If you haven’t already, here are a couple of good apps for the roofing professional.

Roofing Calculator PRO
The Roofing Calculator app is made for roofing contractors and sales people to quickly estimate roofing cost, roof size and roofing materials amount and prices. This app combines the most popular roofing calculators from into one easy to use and customizable roof.

Some of the customizable general settings include:

-Waste factor for gable and hip roofs.

-Cost per square for materials and labor.

-Cost for each skylight and chimney flashing.

-Roof tear-off cost per layer.

-Miscellaneous materials cost.

Pitch Gauge by Prolific Methods LLC.

Square Calculators has been around for decades, but they were usually made of vinyl or cardboard. People have always depended on them because it kept us from having to climb the roof. That and that square calculators are pretty accurate).

Now, the Square Calculator comes to your smartphone. It’s easy to use and it only takes a few simple steps:

-Imput the length of the roof.

-Imput the Width.

-Use your Pitch Gauge in Camera View to get the pitch from ground.

-Determine the Cut Factor.

-Then Calculate.

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