Green Roofs are a Growing Trend in Green Living

A new trend in green living is popping up across the country- green roofs.

Also known as living roofs, green roofs are building roofs that are partially or completely covered with plant life and a growing medium, planted over a waterproof membrane. They are about three or four inches thick and are generally planted with sedum (hardy, water-storing succulents, which sometimes flower in season.)

These grassy coverings work to reduce the flow of stormwater into aging sewer systems. They also provide people in cramped city spaces with the opportunity to brighten the esthetics of their concrete jungles with a little mother nature.

In addition to absorbing rainwater and enhancing city scape esthetics, green roofs can reduce heating and cooling costs by providing insulation, improve air quality and lower urban air temperatures.

While most popular in apartment and commercial buildings, green roofs are now being seen in residential single-family homes. The cost of these eco-friendly additions can be high, but homeowners are finding benefits in the added outdoor space that green roofs can provide.

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6 responses to “Green Roofs are a Growing Trend in Green Living

  1. Erin

    I LOVE the green roofs idea. They are more attractive, more sustainable, and a more awesome use of space than your typical roof. If feasible, it’s a no-brainer!

  2. Sebastian B

    I just saw one the other day I was so amazed at how functional it was!

  3. CiralightGlobal

    What’s the next big thing for green roofs? Great article.