Rebuilding Hope for Haiti

Two years after the devastating earthquake in Haiti that killed more than 315,000 people, the U.S. Green Building Council, along with global architectural firm HOK is working to build a safer and more sustainable future for the nations’ children.

The partners have been working to design and construct Project Haiti, a LEED Platinum orphanage and children’s center in Port au Prince. The goal of the project is to provide for the immediate health and emotional needs of the orphans of Haiti, offer a pathway to adoption and give them something that all children deserve; value, care and clean air to breathe.

The recently released renderings of Project Haiti, the first of many steps toward the end goal.

The United Nations has called the earthquake in Haiti the largest urban disaster in modern history. Over 3 million people were affected, 1.5 million were displaced and 10 million cubic meters of rubble was created, severely affecting the air quality for those left in the aftermath.

According to Rick Fedrizzi, the President, CEO and Founding Chair of the U.S. Green Building Council, HOK designed the project to be environmentally and financially sustainable and sensitive to the culture and history of Haiti. The building will include passive elements that require minimal maintenance and will not be dependent on mechanical systems. Green building methods used in the design include those like natural ventilation and on-site power generators that use solar, wind and biofuel technologies.

To learn more about and support Project Haiti, visit:


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5 responses to “Rebuilding Hope for Haiti

  1. Erin

    What a great idea and a great cause! Any idea when this is slated for completion?

    • Good question! The project is currently in the design/development phase. The construction period is tentatively set to begin between April 2012 and May 2013 with completion expected 12-14 months after the start date.

  2. The hardest part about what is happening in Haiti is the orphanages. I had a friend who went to help in the relief efforts and when she came back the conditions of these children were burned in her memeory and heart. We all thought, what can we do to help? We thought maybe we could adopt these kids. Thank you HOK and USGBC for seeing the problem and being part of a great solution. I’m now a huge fan of HOK! Great decision to do something great. It really shows that you are a great company to do something like this and the USGBC too.

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