Making the Switch

6 inexpensive ways to lessen your environmental impact

For those who haven’t already made the switch, maybe this is the year to start considering how your daily activities can affect the planet. Granted, we don’t all have the money to go out and purchase a smart car or install solar panels on our roof, but there are plenty of small changes we can make to our daily routine that can make a big difference.

1.)    Separate your trash bins. For the cost of an extra plastic trash can, you can easily create a system for separating recyclables from non-recyclables. You can even turn your plastics, cans and glass into cash.

2.)    Swap out your old bulbs. According to, if every household replaced one light bulb with a compact fluorescent one it would be the environmental equivalent of taking one million cars off the road. It will also save you a ton on your next energy bill.

3.)    Reuse your savings. Many green-thinking acts can actually save you money. Make sure you put that money toward something that is equally environmentally conscious (i.e. buy your family a new set of reusable tumblers rather than a case of water bottles).

4.)    Choose to cruise. Set your car to cruise control. It’s estimated that cruising at a steady rate of speed can increase your gas mileage by as much as 15 percent!

5.)    Ditch the diapers. New parents spend way too much on disposable diapers that eventually end up in our landfills. Switching to washable cloth diapers will not only save money, but it will cut down on waste.

6.)    Veg out.  Try eating vegetarian at least one night a week. The beef industry often uses inefficient means to provide their product, all while emitting greenhouse gases. Veggies are also less expensive and generally better for you!

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