Not All Parks are Cold in the Winter

There’s a park in New York City where people flock to relax in the grass, enjoy flowering trees and lounge on any open bench or blanket… all in the middle of winter.

As their website states, “Park Here is Openhouse Gallery’s response to frigid winter.” Park Here is an indoor pop-up park, a free community space that allows the public to enjoy all of the things they normally would at any park but out of the cold and with other benefits, such as WiFi.

In addition to providing a place for New Yorkers to visit at their leisure, Park Here also hosts trivia night, movie nights and private events.

The novelty of Park Here is easy to see but some things you might not realize while dozing on an oversized pillow or listening to ambient nature noises is that this free public space is made possible by corporate contributions. For example, media is provided by Rolling Stone, the lawn covered with sprawling people is by New Grass and the sunlight that creates an outside look inside is the work of Northern Light Technologies. Even the scent is accounted for by Lafco New York.

Park Here is open daily from 12pm to 6pm until February 15.

Visit Park Here at 201 Mulberry St (between Spring and Kenmare), New York, NY.


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2 responses to “Not All Parks are Cold in the Winter

  1. I love the concept. I want one of these in my house!

  2. Somer

    Looks cozy!