Please print responsibly

Reuse that.  Don’t throw that away.  You shouldn’t print that email.

We’re constantly told to conserve, repurpose, waste less – and all of those things are good. 

But it’s OK to use paper.  In fact, one Wall Street Journal article encourages it.

In “Save a Forest: Print Your Emails,” we’re told that using paper is good because it’s biodegradable, renewable and sustainable.  Growing and harvesting trees alone provides jobs for millions of Americans, and working forests are good for the environment – they provide clean air, wildlife habitat and carbon storage. 

Whether your eyes are strained from too much computer time, or you just want to physically flip through the pages of your favorite magazine, don’t feel too bad about using that paper product – especially when printers and publishers also have sustainability in mind.

Green Schoolhouse Series Partner Perkinson Reprographics, or PRI, is one such company that focuses on producing publications in the most eco-friendly way possible.  PRI aims to recycle all its paper and cardboard products, uses biodegradable toners, and emphasizes low-power use and fuel efficiency.  But it also stresses quality and accuracy to reduce “rework” and waste – a kind of “do it right the first time” approach.

Based in Arizona, with offices in Phoenix and Mesa, PRI was recently named Maricopa County Home Show’s Official Banner & Sign Supplier and also produces the blueprints for all Phoenix Green Schoolhouses.  Its goal of a “Greener Tomorrow” extends beyond printing:

“PRI is committed to promoting green building and development practices to support growth while maintaining high environmental standards,” according to its site.  “The use of digital technology for storing and viewing documents reduces the amount of copying required to share documents with everyone involved in construction projects.”

To learn more about PRI, visit its site or download its sustainability brochure.

And while half the emails in your inbox may have “please consider the environment before printing” taglines in their signatures, remember that it’s OK to print – just make sure to recycle when you’re done.

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