Social media in the classroom

Bravo host Andy Cohen has more than 416,000.  Singer/actress Hilary Duff has close to 500,000.  John Legend has nearly 2.5 million.

And Principal Eric Sheninger of New Milford High School in Bergen County, NJ, has more than 12,800 and counting.

What are we talking about here? 

Followers on Twitter, of course.

According to a USA Today article, Sheninger and his teachers use Facebook to communicate with students and parents, and he says sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube actually push kids to do better work and pay attention to important issues:

“Sheninger and others also say it is naïve to think that kids raised online will respond to school the same way as previous generations. ‘Kids are coming to us bored, disconnected, and it’s a challenge for us to figure out how to leverage the tools inherent in the real-time Web,’ he says” (read more).

However, some schools are finding the incorporation of social media to be somewhat of a challenge.  In fact, the state of Missouri has recently outlawed teacher-student Facebook friendship and any other social networking “that is exclusive and allows for private communication.”  Missouri Senate Bill 54, signed by Governor Jay Nixon, is designed to protect children from misconduct by teachers (read more).

What do you think about integrating social media to educational settings?

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